What happens when you find a collection of creative people? An activity program that goes far beyond bingo. We shy away from a simple one size fits all approach to our programs. Each of our residents are individuals and we celebrate their diversity and create unique and special programs for each of them. From art projects to guest speakers and everything in between, we focus on all aspects of the well-being spectrum to enhance life’s and stimulate creativity.

The Island is full of amazing people and we boast a large contingent of retired professionals from all walks of life who speak and present at the Village year round. We firmly believe that a stimulated brain is a healthy brain and we strive to provide meaningful engagements for our residents.


We have all heard the saying “You are what you eat”. Rest assured at the Village that we take this seriously and provide the best meals possible. Our dining team goes so far beyond average and creates inspiring meals every day. Living at The Village is like having a personal chef on standby, a team that knows food and breaks the mold. Eating well is living well and we know the long term benefits from eating quality meals and social interaction are crucial to well-being.

Every meal is made from scratch, from fresh baked scones and muffins, to meals from around the world. The dedication to quality and the teams commitment to using fresh ingredients is simply unrivaled and unique.

Dining Room
Staff on Fourth of July
Village at the Harbor celebrates the Fourth of July


The Village at the Harbor is nothing without its staff. An incredible assembly of amazing individuals that nurture and support each resident, this team lives the mantra “Always going the extra mile”. We constantly hear all the time about how amazing our staff is and each day they provide the best service you can find. The personal attention alone is worth its weight in gold and we have assembled a team that cares and demonstrates their compassion and support each day.