About Us

Village at the Harbor was born from the vision of two long-time Islanders who saw the need for senior housing in a county with limited options. Together they recruited other like-minded individuals to invest, and the “Village” was born.

Established and opened for business in 2008, the Village has become a leader in senior housing and providing exceptional care since the doors officially opened. On February 28th, 2022, the Village was acquired by San Juan County Public Hospital District No. 1.  

The acquisition of the Village, the only remaining assisted living facility San Juan Island, is part of an ongoing initiative by the Hospital District to increase resources available to seniors on San Juan Island and make aging in place more attainable. The Hospital District plans to eventually add Medicaid beds, create a homecare program, and work on building renovations – all using the Village at the Harbor as the base to build these services. 

What sets us apart is our dedication to serving, working alongside, and caring for our San Juan Island neighbors. We have a strong commitment to our local community, and we are building a supportive foundation for those who benefit from our services both now and in the years to come. 

Management at Village at the Harbor

Evan Perrollaz, Administrator

On March 1st, 2022 Village at the Harbor became part of the San Juan County Public Hospital District No. 1. This transition began in 2021 and came to be through the foresight of our community members that voted for the levy last November.

I for one, am delighted to be a part of the outstanding growth in services and programs for our vulnerable population. Being on the front lines for the past six years, I have witnessed the increasing and desperate need for our vulnerable population to have better access to care and services.

The Village was initially the vision of two Islanders who were supported by local investors as a way to serve the vulnerable population of the Islands and provide safety, security, and comfort to those in need. As a private business, we were often limited by budget and financial constraints. Our desire to serve a broader population that required financial support and healthcare needs was stretched thin
and we often found ourselves losing key staff that went to other, higher paying jobs that also offered benefits.

This incredible transition with the Hospital District has allowed us to dramatically improve our operational base. We have already rolled out benefits and improved our wage scale allowing us to retain and attract the best care staff possible. In the coming months we will continue to develop and expand additional programs to enhance our community footprint to extend our reach to those in need.

We are more than a building, we are a collective of passionate people who work to serve, who work to provide a better way of life for our tribe. On our library wall hangs a quilt, one hand crafted for the Village by a local legend when it first opened. I view the Village like that quilt, a rich tapestry of stories and personalities that come together to create an incredible community experience.

Tina Smith, Assistant Administrator
Tina Smith, Assistant Administrator

Tina Smith, Assistant Administrator

I’m thrilled to be the Assistant Administrator for the Village at the Harbor. This position encompasses many passions of mine, especially, organization, team building, and care for vulnerable populations. I’m looking forward to being part of the Hospital District team as we build up our home care training and community outreach programs to meet the growing need for senior care on San Juan Island.

My grandmother, Jackie Ross, spent the last few years of her life at the Village at the Harbor. It was such a gift to have her close enough for us to visit regularly, while being taken care of by the committed, loving staff at the Village. Through my grandmother’s care, we came to see the Village staff as a second family. It is truly a full circle moment for me to be working as the Assistant Administrator at the Village.


Village at the Harbor is located in Friday Harbor, a beautiful town off the coast of Northwestern Washington. Friday Harbor, Washington is highly sought-after location to move to because of the natural beauty of the islands and myriad of recreational activities the island offers, including, hiking, boating, aviation, biking, and more.

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